He Was Caught Up In The Middle Of Picking Up His Lucky Millions


A man carrying $10 million in U.S. currency was arrested Friday at Tijuana’s A.L. Rodriguez International Airport, authorities said.

The man was taken into custody after he tried to pick up the money — bills of different denominations that had been stuffed into 31 white plastic sacks, according to a statement from Mexico’s Federal Police.

He was unable to show documentation proving the shipment’s legal origin, police said. Police detained the rich guy, planning to investigate the details.

Large cash seizures are often the proceeds of illicit drug sales, and help finance the activities of criminal groups that smuggle drugs across the border.

The man drew suspicion purely by the large bags that he was carrying with him, which later turned out to be cash from different countries and, presumably, with different origin stories.

As of now, the man is awaiting investigation and will have to explain in detail the purpose of the huge delivery and the people that sent it. The area of search remains huge – from money laundering and avoiding taxes, to vast operations with drug smuggling. What can be stated fairly confidently, is that these millions are of suspicious origin.



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