Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has urged the Prime Minister and Donald Trump to pull back from military action in Syria arguing that “more war will not save life”.

He warned that deploying forces in the war-torn Middle Eastern state would lead to further conflict elsewhere in the region, and called for a “real ceasefire and a political process”.

Speaking on a trip to Derby, Mr Corbyn appeared to suggest he would not back war under any circumstances, arguing that he is “not in favour of increasing military action”.

Mr Corbyn said that what had happened in the town of Douma, where 40 people were killed following an attack on Saturday, was “disgraceful” and that any use of chemical weapons is “clearly illegal as well as immoral and wrong”.

But he went on: “More bombing, more killing, more war will not save life. It will just take more lives and spawn the war elsewhere.”

Mr Corbn said: “The United Nations has a duty and a function to ensure there’s a proper investigation undertaken as the inspectors are now in Douma doing just that and, when we’ve got the results of that, decide what action to take.

“But, I would just say this. Hundreds of thousands have died and lost their lives in Syria. Millions have been forced into refuge. Many are living in terrible poverty and desperation. There has to be a political solution.”

He called for Russia, America, the EU, Iran and Saudi Arabia to be involved in ensuring a ceasefire and a political solution to the seven-year civil war.

Mr Macron conducted interviews on Thursday morning saying that there is now proof that chemical were used in Syria by the Assad regime.

But asked whether he opposed military action in Syria under any circumstances, Mr Corbyn said: “I’m not in favour of increasing military action in Syria, what I’m in favour of is a political process to bring about peace.”

The Labour Leader added: “Assad should be dealt with by international law; by sanctions, if necessary; by the United Nations, but, also, by pressure from those countries that have supported him and those countries that have supported the opposition – to halt the conflict, to bring about a solution that does recognise the rights of the diversity of the people in Syria.

“The Kurdish people and others have got to have their say in how this process works out.


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